The Undeniable Report is a lifestyle website created for girls that will be your destination for everything you need or care to know about on topics like style, beauty, wellness, business, travel and more. Inspired by blogging, Anna Tselevich (our Founder & Editor.in.Chief) aimed to foster a community of young girl bloggers who would come together to create something amazing. Undeniable Magazine was born. When we released the first issue, our small group of bloggers was not sure of what to expect, 2 issues later and we were getting thousands and thousands of views each week. Overwhelmed and excited, Anna knew that having an interactive online magazine would no longer cut it. In order to grow, develop, progress, and become something truly great, we decided to re-launch and re-brand and here you are at The Undeniable Report. Take a moment to look around, read about whatever may pique your interest, and stay awhile. If you are interested in becoming a part of our ever-growing community please find your way to our contact page!


Anna Tselevich (Founder, Editor-in-Chief)

Anna is a freshman at St. Joe’s University in Philadelphia, PA. She is from a small town in Jersey, but is originally from California. She started Undeniable Mag in May of 2o14, and blogs at Undeniably Anna. She describes herself as a budding entrepreneur, and also runs a social media management and blog design business. She loves sailing, sweet tea, a good book, anything J.Crew and navy blue. She can not wait for what lies ahead for Undeniable, and hopes to meet more great people along the way!

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Carrie Carlisle (Vice President)– Carrie is a junior in high school living in southeast Texas. She is a self-proclaimed social media addict, sweet tea-holic, and an avid Gilmore Girls enthusiast. Find her at Carrie On Blogs!

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Courtney Layne Brewer (Managing Editor) Courtney, also known as CLB, is a high school junior blogging from the Bluegrass state at Behind Her Monogrammed Macbook. She loves fashion, Southern home decor, The Great Gatsby, and Diet Peach Snapple. Writing has always been one of Courtney’s biggest passions and she is so grateful to be a part of Undeniable!

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Hunter Thiers (Print Editor)Besides working for Undeniable, Hunter runs her own blog, Prep on a Budget— a blog chronicling her life and how she stays stylish on a budget.  Hunter is an avid writer, loves cats, and loves being able to be a part of the Undeniable team!

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Meg Schwieterman (Media Director)-Meg is a preppy fashion/ lifestyle blogger with a love of monograms, macarons, traveling, and dogs. Meg lives her life in a sunny state of mind, which is where the namesake of her blog comes from.

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Renee Janis (VP of Audience Development)– Renee is a senior in high school from North Carolina and writes her own fashion and lifestyle blog, Gimme Glamour. She is a golfer, Dr. Pepper addict, and owner of way too many striped shirts.




Adrienne James- Adrienne lives in Columbus, Ohio, where she is a senior in high school. She has a lust for travel, and an appreciation for all things artsy. You can find her at her lifestyle and fashion blog, A Dash of Class.


Alyssa Duke- Alyssa is a freshman in high school living in California who writes Lots of Lys, a fashion and lifestyle blog. Alyssa is an active soccer player, and a lover of cats, travel, and quotes.


Carly June- Carly is a Queen City fashion and lifestyle blogger at Cinci Prep, and is in pursuit of her own style and adventures! She is a junior in high school, loves her dog, and has an online shopping addiction that is only rivaled by her addiction to Grey’s Anatomy.


Caroline Lunne- Ohio born high school junior, Caroline believes in the power of hard work and creativity. You can find her vacationing in northern Michigan, stalking the royal family or eating a chocolate chip cookie. She treasures butterflies, cute puppies and fun earrings. She truly expresses herself through her style and believes that what you put on in the morning is the first piece of art you create in a day.

Carolyn Johnson- Carolyn is an incoming high school junior living in New York City. Carolyn had too much time on her hands and has always loved photography, interior design and cooking, so she decided to mash her hobbies into a lifestyle photography-based blog called The Grilled Pineapple!


Constance Browne- Constance is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at Constance Browne from Seattle, WA. When she’s not at a computer, you can find her with one of her cats, crafting, or with an iced tea in hand.


Delphine Glick- Delphine, now a high school junior, started Delphine Du Jour on Instagram in 2013 and her love of all things style has only skyrocketed since. You can always find her in Manhattan, most often enjoying some chocolate chip cookies or shopping.


Emily Winter- Emily is a twenty something native to New England. As a college student, varsity athlete, and self proclaimed fruit enthusiast, Emily enjoys spending her days long distance running, scouring her library for the latest fiction debuts, and managing her little corner of the Internet world through her blog, Simply Emily.

Emma Krell

Emma Krell- Emma is a senior in high school with big dreams and an empty wallet. When she is not blogging on Fashionably Emma, you can find her indulging in donuts, rewatching Gossip Girl, and flipping through J Crew’s latest style guide. Besides shopping, she also has a big love for dance, being in the city, and cooking.


Eva T.- As the blogger behind The Seasonal Prep, Eva knows a thing or two when it comes to adding a sense of style and class to all aspects of life. Whether it’s fashion, school, living, athletics or the latest trends, Eva makes it her own by adding the personal flair that comes from within.


Frannie Acciardo- Frannie is a senior in high school who writes The Blonde Prep blog and spends a majority of her days brunching and blogging. Frannie enjoys iced coffee, Netflix marathons, and the occasional jaunt out to Rhode Island.


Grace Xu- Grace is a high school senior and currently serves as the Editor of the Georgia Junior Classical League. She loves writing, poetry, and volunteering throughout metro Atlanta.   


Jamie Eimbinder- Jamie is a college freshman attending Binghamton University but is originally from Connecticut! In addition to writing for Undeniable, Jamie blogs over at The Fashion Newcomer. She is a coffee addict, a brunch snob (despite how pretentious it sounds), and a handbag junkie.


Jen Cavazuti- Jen is a typical high school senior stressing over college apps…and what to wear tomorrow. She loves to blog, Instagram and sing in her school chorus. When she isn’t taking pictures, she’s studying, on Pinterest, or probably on a coffee run. Find her at Persona in Progress.


Julia Nguyen- Julia is obsessed with Instagram and loves spending time on the yoga mat. You can also find Julia trying the newest health fad or catching up with the latest celebrity gossip.


Kait Howard- Kaitlyn is a junior in high school who lives in Cincinnati and has a passion for fashion and helping others. In her free time she loves to watch college football and online shop on J.Crew Factory. Find her at A Dash of Kait.

Katelyn May


Laura Haney- Laura is a freshman at SJU in Philadelphia, PA. In her free time, she loves to read and explore new places.


Macy Hoesley- Macy is a determined Junior in high school, aspiring to live an extraordinary life. She loves traveling, learning & trying new things, the sea, iced lattes, soccer, accomplishing her goals, and of course, shopping and blogging. Macy also just started her own business, Maysea.


Maddie Norris- Maddie-Claire Norris is a freshman at The Westover School in CT. She loves to travel, spend time with family, and have fashion photoshoots with her friends.


Morgan Williams- Morgan is a freshman at SJU who is originally from Washington D.C. She enjoys new cities, meeting new people, and is always up for a good time!

Neidelyn Pina


PJ Middleton- PJ is the southern belle behind the blog Soulfully Southern. Aside from blogging, you can find PJ either clad in stripes, sipping on an Arnold Palmer, or looking through the latest J.Crew style guide.

Rachel Issler

Rachel Issler- Rachel loves to travel, take pictures, drink iced coffee and make new friends! She is originally from Monterey, CA but grew up all over the world. Rachel loves fashion and film, and taking people’s portraits! Find Rachel at Rachel Rose.

Rachel Lannen


Radhika Sharma- Radhika  is a senior at high school in New Delhi, India. Radhika writes a blog, The Confetti Girl alongside working for magazines such as Miss Heard, On the Line Report, I AM THAT GIRL and Girl Zone.  In her spare time, Radhika enjoys dancing, reading books, watching movies and baking.



Sarah Ziegman- Sarah is a high school senior who writes about her daily musings on baking, design, DIY projects, and everyday life on her blog called Witty Young Thing. Sarah is a firm believer in spending late nights on Pinterest and always asking for extra sprinkles.



Stephanie Nguyens- A sophomore at Michigan State University, Stephanie spends much of her time searching for easy recipes she never makes, reading cheesy books, and enjoying music. Even though she’s not pursing a career in writing, being able to produce content for her blog, Petite Pastels, and now Undeniable Report, is a blessing that has brought many new things into her life.


Sydney Huss- Sydney is a junior in high school with a passion for singing, reading, and blogging. In her free time, you can find Sydney drinking coffee and scrolling through Instagram. Find her at Sydney Huss.



Tori A.- Tori is a high school sophomore who lives in a tiny Southern town. When she isn’t blogging over at Prep For A Day, she can be found studying nonstop, spouting out science facts, spending time with animals, singing, or watching a movie from the fifties.

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