• New Year, New You? How to Write (and keep!) New Years Resolutions

    2016. A new year brimming with gleaming opportunities, fresh starts, and clean slates aiming to fix what we messed up on in 2015.  Setting resolutions, and goals in general, is something rather important to further success and enhance personal drive.  However often the process of goal setting is rather underrated.  Setting proper goals both provides […]

  • Adjusting to College

    Being halfway through my first semester as a freshman at Saint Joseph’s University, I have certainly learned a lot of important lessons about college life. College is far from what I expected to be, but that is not necessarily a bad thing- but I have definitely been thrown a few curveballs since move-in day at […]

  • 4 Quotes You Need to Read Now

    Quotes are so essential to the daily life of a successful, happy, and driven woman! Words can sometimes be the very best pick me up when you’re down, and the ultimate motivation when you are lacking. Words have the power to change your entire perspective on a situation, and with good reason. Below are some […]

  • The Truth About Teenage Relationships

    Talking about teenage relationships can be a very touchy subject. I will tell you that I know first hand that they are hard. They are really, really, hard. And a big factor in why they are so difficult, is because not many adults will take them- or us – seriously.   When you are in […]

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