Tips for Dorm Room Living

UnknownLiving in a dorm is often a glamorized experience, as it offers a chance to create a new space that is all you, fostering a home away from home mentality. However, most dorm spaces are the opposite from “homey”, sporting white washed walls, bleak furniture, and dark, damp corners. Luckily Undeniable has your back! Use these tips to help create that aforementioned cozy space that will truly become home for the year.

Lighting// Lighting in dorm rooms is admittedly awful. Natural light is not always plentiful and the provided overhead lights are often quite stark; so, stock up on lights to flood a comfortable glow to all corners of your room. IKEA offers a plethora of affordable options, and Christmas lights are always a must (as long as they’re not against the fire code…)

Shelving// So, it’s no secret that storage in dorm rooms is often lacking, if non-existent; however, one space that’s necessary in a dorm room is a place to shelve books, notepads, binders, etc. Many dorm rooms come equipped with some sort of shelving unit, but check with your university to see if there are any provided. If not, check Target for some cheap options to get you through the year.

Comfort// As previously mentioned, dorm rooms can be stark. Thus, bring anything, anything at all, that might offset the jail like walls and floors! Our tip: think of the three Cs: Carpets, Curtains, and Covers:

(1) Carpets: something soft that will make getting up for your 8AM’s that much easier on your manicured toes.

(2) Curtains: it will add a pop of color to the window while simultaneously adding a layer of privacy.

(3) Covers: duvet, pillows, shams– cover them all with bright and cheery fabric that’s bound to make you smile (and, perhaps most importantly, durable enough to avoid Saturday night spills…).

Office Supplies// Basically, pack a second office. Staplers, tape, hole punchers, and stamps are the essentials; however, brining along some more non-traditional items is also key and bound to help you make some friends on the dorm floor. Think markers, crayons, glue sticks, and glitter (perfect for school work and costume parties!).

What do you think? Anything you’d like to add to the dorm room list?


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