Transitioning Your Favorite Summer Dress

UnknownA lot of girls often regret buying a dress because they were only able to wear it for one season, but there are plenty of ways to transition almost any spring or summer dress into the fall and winter months. Being able to wear your dresses and skirts all year round is definitely a plus and will ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Transitioning Tips

  • Throw a dark colored sweater on over your dress to keep warm and tone down summery colors and patterns.
  • Add a blazer or tweed jacket over a dress to add some light outerwear.
  • Throw on a knit scarf or tartan blanket scarf to keep warm and to incorporate more fall textures.
  • Pair it with tall boots like riding boots or over the knee boots and tights or tall socks.

*You can even go about transitioning your dresses, as you would go about layering for the fall and winter*

  • Wear a sleeveless dress over a long sleeve button up.
  • Wear a cable knit sweater over the dress and button up.
  • Add a vest or jacket
  • Finish off with a scarf or statement necklace to complete the look.

Now you can achieve a perfect, layered fall and winter look using your favorite warm weather pieces; plus you’ll get more wear out of pieces that would otherwise sit in your closet for half the year.


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